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Aadhar Card Form Download in Tamil Language Online Pdf

Aadhar Card Form Download in Tamil Language Online Pdf

adhaar cards launch in India in 2010, steps were taken to produce a website which could be easy for people to access. Since not many people can read and write in neither Hindi nor English, the initiative taken by UIA was to allow the people to fill in the application forms in 13 different languages.

Aadhar Card Form Download in Tamil Language Online Pdf
Aadhar Card Form Download in Tamil Language Online Pdf

Although the entire process of applying for an Aadhaar card cannot be made online, however there are a few steps that can be followed online. These steps make it easy for an individual to reach the final task of registering for an Aadhaar card.

The idea behind choosing these selective languages was to reach the people residing in villages. A person living in an urban side of the country has the ability to read and write in English but what about those residing in the rural areas? There is no doubt that even the villages of India are getting advanced year by year but the advancement doesn’t cross paths with people’s educational abilities. This being a main reason, the UIDAI has included Tamil amongst the 13 selective languages to fill the Aadhaar card application form.

Aadhar Card Form Download in Tamil Language Online Pdf

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Aadhaar card is one of the most important documents for a resident in India. It has been introduced by the Indian government in order to provide an official identity to every resident in India, regardless of his caste, creed, race or standard of living. It is one of the most helpful documents provided by the Indian Government, as it records the fingerprints, photograph and eye scans of an individual. Aadhaar card cannot be misused in any way.

The Government of India has set up an official body by the name of Unique Identification Authority of India. The responsibility of this committee is to provide 12-digit Unique Identification Codes to the residents of India.

Aadhaar card works as an official legal document of a resident of India. It also serves the purpose of providing equal opportunities in terms of Health, Education and Employment to the residents of India. It will also assist the government to understand what kind of subsidies and schemes need to be launched. Hence as a citizen of India, make an Aadhaar card if you haven’t made one yet.

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